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Aries- God of War

Ships Classification-Civilian

Civilian Ship Registrations


Commercial Transport

Gemenon Traveler

1. Commercial Transport

2. Gemenon Traveler

Commercial Transport Registry (CTR)

Gemenon Traveler Registry (GTR)

Luxury Liner

Mining Ship

3. Luxury Liner

4. Mining Ship

Luxury Liner Registry (LLR)

Mining Ship Registry (MSR)

Research Vessel

Salvage & Repair

5. Research Vessel

6. Salvage & Repair Ship

Research Vessel Registry (RVR)

Salvage & Repair Registry (SRR)

Space Park

Colonial Movers

7. Space Park

8. Colonial Movers

Space Park Registry (SPR)

Light Cargo Registry (LCR)

Prison Ship

Botanical Ship

9. Prison Ship

10. Botanical Cruiser

Prison Ship Registry (PSR)

Botanical Cruiser Registry (BCR)

Reimagined Shuttle

ToS Shuttle

11. Atmospheric Shuttle

12. Colonial Shuttle

Ships Classification-Military

Military Fleet Registrations

Columbia Class Battlestar

Viper Mk VII

1. Battlestar

2. Viper Mk VII

Columbia Class Carrier



Viper Mk II

3. Raptor

4. Viper Mk II

Scout / Recon


Mercury Class Battlestar

Reimagined Shuttle

5. Battlestar

6. Atmospheric Shuttle

Mercury Class Carrier


Blackbird Stealth Fighter

Cygnus Class Gunstar

7. Blackbird

8. Gunstar

Stealth Infiltrator

Cygnus Class Destroyer

Valkyrie Class Battlestar

Nova Class Battlestar

9. Battlestar

10. Battlestar

Valkyrie Class Carrier

Nova Class Carrier

Viper Mk I

ToS Shuttle

11. Viper Mk I

12. Colonial Shuttle



Berserker Class Tender


13. Support Vessel


Berserker Class Tender

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