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Aries- God of War

Aries Navigation System

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Also known as the "NAV" or "NAVCON" computer, it tracks the battlestar's position and handles sublight travel and RCS translations. It is very likely that DRADIS sensor information is obtained and managed by the Navigation Computer then passed on to the Tactical Officer and the Command & Control Center in the CIC.

 The DRADIS system, while having digital controls, is an analog instrument (utilizing EM radiation), which protects it from direct external  infiltration by Cylon electronic attack. As shown in "Flight of the Phoenix", the navigation computer hardware, as with practically every other computer system, is subceptible to internal compromise by Cylon viruses or logic bombs already present in the battlestar's other systems.

Pegasus's navigation computer is off-line during the Cylon attack, forcing Admiral Cain to order a risky blind jump without any navigational data fed to the FTL drive.


DRADIS in an acronym for "Direction, RAnge, and DIStance", and is the central component of the navigation computer on Colonial ships.  It is a highly sensitive detection, identification, navigation and tracking system used aboard Colonial spacecraft.

Reaction Control System (RCS) Operations and Maintenance Team:

The Reaction Control System
is designed to provide a spacecraft with guidance and steering. It has two main

* Delivering small amounts of thrust in any desired direction or combination of directions
* Providing torque to allow control of rotation (pitch, yaw, and roll).

Reaction control systems are typically used for:

*Attitude control during entry into an atmosphere until such time as conventional aerodynamic surfaces can be used. 

* Station keeping in orbit
* Close maneuvering and/or docking
* Orientation control (pointing the nose of the vehicle).

***All Colonial vessels utilize RCS for maneuvering and station keeping, although the scale of the systems
varies widely



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