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Aries- God of War

Honorary Member


On January 24, 2007 , the main man of Battlestar Galactica, the new series, Edward James Olmos, visited San Antonio College, and gave a speach at the college auditorium.

Several members of Battlestar Aries attended the event and was fortunate enough to have met Mr. Edward James Olmos (Fleet Admiral William "HUSKER Adama).  The man was one dynamic speaker and will captivate his audience by his sheer prowess of public speaking.  Later in the evening, Mr. Olmos signed autographs and pose for pictures and was kind enough to stay late there for the Aries members to get their chance of meeting him.  And it was indeed a night to remember  for ALL BATTESTAR ARIES members that was present there at the glorious event. 

Mr. Olmos was presented an Honorary Membership by Commander Alex Trevino Jr.,  which he graciously accepted.  Mr. Edward James Olmos became the first honorary member of Battlestar Aries.  Other Battlestar Galactica Honorary Members and friends, were added to list of many more honor of being a part of zany crew of Battlestar Aries. 

Name:Edward James Olmos
Character:William Adama
Honorary Member of:Battlestar Aries BSR-26


Kate Vernon
Character:Ellen Tigh
Honorary Member of:Battlestar Aries BSR-26


Name:Luciana Carro
Character:Louanne Katraine
Honorary Member of:Battlestar Aries BSR-26


Name:Bodie Olmos
Character:Brendan Costanza
Honorary Member of:

Battlestar Aries BSR-26



Leo Chiang



Honorary Member of:

Battlestar Aries BSR-26






Aaron Douglas
Character:Galen Tyrol
Honorary Member of:

Battlestar Aries- BSR 26

All Con 2008- Dallas, Texas


 **New Honorary Members (Wizard World Convention- Philadelphia, PA: June 20, 2009)**

Please look at the our picture gallery from this event.


Name:Michael Hogan
Character:"Col. Saul Tigh & One of the Final Five Cylons
Honorary Member  of:

Battlestar Aries BSR-26 & Gunstar Fenris


Name:Nicki Clyne
Honorary Member of:Battlestar Aries BSR-26 & Gunstar Fenris


Name:Mr. Edward James Olmos
Character:Admiral William "Husker" Adama
Honorary Member of:Gunstar Fenris- GSR 2601


Name:Luciana Carro
Honorary Member of:

Gunstar Fenris- GSR 2601


Name:Herb Jefferson Jr
Character:Boomer (1978 BSG)
Honorary Member of:Battlestar Aries-BSR 26 & Gunstar Fenris


Name:Richard C. Livingston
Fandom:Conceptual Artist Battlestar Galactica
Honorary Member of:Battlestar Aries BSR-26


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