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Aries- God of War

Gunstar Fenris

Comissioned Date: December 31, 2007

Commanding Officer: Commander John Radle

Home Port: Dallas, Texas

Current Location: Pensacola, Florida -Assigned to Battlestar Aries-BSR 26

Class: Military/ Gunstar

Main Fact: Battlestar Aries First Gunstar and the first gunstar to be launched stateside

Fenris History

 The Origin of "FENRIS"

In Norse mythology, Fenris is the son of the mischievous God Loki and the Frost Goddess Angrboda. He is the great beast of Ragnarok, destined to slay Odin in that final clash between the Gods. According to legend, Fenris was kidnapped by the Aesir and restrained by a magic fetter known as Gleipnir. In order to place the fetter upon him, Fenris demanded that one of the Gods place a hand in his jaws as a gesture of good faith. The war God, Tyr, who had been the only God courageous enough to feed the wolf, agreed to risk his hand. The outcome is somewhat obvious, as Tyr is usually depicted without his left hand.

Then, as told by Snorri in Brodeur's translation:

When the Aesir saw that the wolf was fully bound, they took the chain that was fast to the fetter, and which is called "Gelgja Thin" and passed it through a greatA river flows from bound Fenrir's mouth in this illustration from a 17th century Icelandic manuscript. rock called "Gjöll Scream, and fixed the rock deep down into the earth. Then they took a great stone and drove it yet deeper into the earth and was called Thviti and used the stone for a fastening-pin.

The wolf gasped terribly and thrashed about and strove to bite them.  They guards thrust into his mouth a certain sword that  caught in his lower jaw and the point in the upper jaw that made him gag. He howls hideously, and slaver runs out of his mouth: that is the river called Ván Hope.  There he lies till the Twilight of the Gods.


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