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 Gunstar Data and Its History


The Colonial Gunstar is the pinnacle of combat engineering design. When Colonial engineers started drawing up the blue prints for this military vessel the goal was simple. Develop a ship able to bring the fight literally to the enemy foot steps and knock on the door. After several design developments Cygus Ship Yard (CSY) created a marvel master piece meeting Colonial Military Fleet exact specifications. Every aspect of war was used and incorporated into the Gun Star making it a multi-purpose/role ship. Its redesigned weapons system gives this ship its muscle making it superior in firepower. Enabling this warship to handle various missions its overall design makes this ship fast and highly maneuverable yet long-endurance in combat.

Primary mission of the Cygnus Class Gun Star is as follows intended to escort or give direct support of larger military vessels in the fleet, convoy or battle group and defend them.  It's secondary mission to perform as a Command Control and Communications platform.


-Defender (Fenris)

Gunstar Type

The Defender

     Gunstar Fenris is a Defender Class Cygnus type gunstar. It is the heart and fury of the Cygnus Class designed for long hard engagements with the enemy with hardened hull. Unlike Battlestars who have re-enforced hull plating on specific areas of the outer hull. These area which have extra hull plating are either vital system and secondary. The Gun Star itself has heavier armor allowing it continuing combat operations despite massive damage. Although it is not invincible it does have a breaking point. Just like every ship designed in the Colonial Fleet. There is a limit on how much pounding the structural integrity of a ship can handle. On board system in engineering as well as CIC give immediate notification alert. Automated system kick on line and begin cutting off key system unless countermanded. This system has been built into every Gun Star Classification in order to ensure combat readiness. The weapons system is state of the art in artificial intelligence. Capable of firing at enemy targets and allowing stoppage gaps when the system detects a Colonial Dradis Identify Friend Foe contact signature. This key of engineering marvel helps save pilots. Who in the past may have been shot down by friendly fire during combat against large number of Cylon fighters.

      The hull is actually comprised of two components an outer hull and inner hull. This unique design element also allows for extended battles or entering a planets

atmosphere (Will discuss in depth later in the manual). The outer hull is composed from a combination of Duranium and Tritanium alloys. It can withstand several missile hits depending on the type of missiles being used by the enemy. This combination is incorporated into the Defender, Vanguard and Strike classifications only.  The Escort and Patrol classifications have light armoring.


       Nuclear Weapons System (NWS) Not every Gun Star classification will carry nuclear missiles. The NWS is a seek and destroy targeting system providing on the fly guidance control until the weapon reaches it target. A firing solution must be established in order to fire either conventional or nuclear missiles. This of course can be overridden by the tactical officer if so ordered by the CO. Any release of nuclear weapons must be authorized by Fleet Command. If the ship is engaged in combat authorization falls under the Commanding Officer. Both the CO and XO must enter firing codes in order to fire nuclear weapons. A firing key is placed into the tactical console located center CIC. In order to commence nuclear missile operations the order must be acknowledged by the XO and concurred. The Gun Star has a total of 12 Missile hatches located on its upper hull. Each missile silo contains 3 nuclear missiles in it for tactical release. The ship is equipped with conventional missiles as well for ship to ship engagement. Also to destroy smaller ships, hardened structure or ground targets from a close / greater distance.   Conventional missile batteries are located on the port and starboard side of the ship near the mid section. You will find them on the Defender and Vanguard classifications in the Colonial Fleet.


        The Cygnus engineers wanted to add teeth to the ship design by adding Rail guns to Colonial Gun Star. Rail guns provide some serious point defense screens and counter measure. This is Kenetic Energy Weapon (KEW) protects the vessel against incoming projectiles such as missiles and flak barrage. Computerized on board system linked to lateral and ventral sensors identify and evaluate threats. The system can then assign priorities to each target with on the fly by wire telemetry in order to destroy the incoming threat. Weapons array can be set to either fire (Single, Salvo or Full battle mode). Even though the system can be manually operated by crews they can not match acquisition time and firing sequences.

        The rail gun fires armor piercing rounds at super high velocities allowing for deep penetration. While simultaneously detonating its encased high yield explosive with crippling effects. The Gun Star point defensive batteries are multi-role for either defense or offensive measure contingent on the ship mission or tactical position. Also has a Closed-In  Weapons  System (CWIS).  Kinetic Energy Weapons (KEW) are found in same area as the missile batteries. Rail guns can be found on the Defender, Vanguard and Escort classification enabling these ships to be faster than their other sister ships.


        Another defensive feature built into the Cygnus is Flak Cannons. The cannons are another method used against enemy forces. Whether used to damage Cylon

ships or to knock down missile attacks. Weapon system is composed of large cannons which use specialized ammunition designed to explode and release metal fragment a circular diameter. Another type of defensive screen though its does take time to fire the weapon and reload it. Another feature incorporated into the Gun Star is making the weapon automated. The Flak rounds are large and not easily handled so response time is a bit slow, but gun crews have mastered the technique. A cannon crew can fire up 4 to 6 round every 2 minutes give or take using mechanical hoisting systems. The Flak Cannon has massive destructive power and as such is deadly component to its arsenal. 

      There are countermeasures incorporated to every Colonial ship in the Fleet. The Cygnus Class Gunstar is no exception to this rule. A Gunstar Countermeasure System (GCM) is designed to prevent sensor-based weapons from acquiring and/or destroying a target. As a defensive and offensive system it can be switch from Electronic Counter Measure, Electronic Counter-Counter Measure and or just standard Countermeasure mode. GCM works by detecting any electronic system which emit energy signature that alter the electromagnetic, acoustic or other signature/s of a target thereby altering the tracking and sensing behavior of an incoming threat such as missiles and nuclear devices are classified or designated softkill tactical measures. 
      Hardkill targeting is based on incoming physical counterattack of an inbound threat thereby destroying a target or craft carrying heavy weapons. Such classifications fall under the ship Weapons Officer (WEPS). The GCM can be found on the following Gun Star as per designed and Colonial Military requirements Defender, Vanguard, Strike, Escort and Patrol.


            The Gunstar  is high maneuverable ship in ever respect of the word. The outer hull has multiple Reaction Control Thrusters (RCS). Enabling the ship to pitch, roll, yaw in direction smoothly and efficiently. A total of 32 RCS Thrusters give the Cygnus all the capability of maneuvering whether at normal or high speeds. Tested against attack drones and missile barrage. The Gun Star was able to out run / maneuver from the attack with devastating results. Of course these high G maneuvers are not with repercussions the hull integrity does have it limits. The on board computer system also monitors hard points throughout the ship making it possible to point areas which may have structural weakness or near breaking point. Out of all the classifications the Strike model did the best in overall structural integrity due to it reinforced inner frame core. All Gun Stars have Reaction Control Thrusters (RCS).


           There are four engines operating as one, but can independently. Between the outer hull and inner combat suppression insulating anti-fragmentation foam exist. Should enemy fighters attack the engines it will provided some protection. Unless it’s a direct missile attack regardless of warhead. As an enhance design feature high speed engines were developed and housed in the Patrol and Escort classifications.


***The Gunstar data or specs provided here is not of a canon nature as there is no really cannon data information due to it was not really seen in the show.


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