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Aries- God of War

Aries Originial Banner


As part of Battlestar Aries history, its original banner and seal as a chapter, is PROUDLY being displayed here to show that despite time and many changes, she will never forget how her continuing journey was made possible by the people ( By both current and former staff and members, family, and or friends) contributed and will continue to contribute to her success.  Every little thing you see on this website was contributed by EVERYONE who are either still serving aboard the Aries or no longer with the Aries.  But nevertherless, left an imprint, that will FOREVER became a part of her legacy.


Our Mission



Commander Alex Trevino Jr.-  No longer with CDF

Commander Cami Dutton- Now Nerio Actual

Admiral Miguel RiverA- Current Commanding Officer and last remaining Founding Father of the Aries

Current Commanding Officer

Personal Bio::

ADM Rivera, Miguel A. (CF)
CDF Fleet Operations: Commanding Officer of Battlestar Aries-BSR 26

Assignment History:

Battlestar Prometheus, 3rd Fleet
Battlestar Atlantia, 3rd Fleet
Battlestar Trident, 6th Fleet
Battlestar Aries, 6th Fleet (Former 6th Fleet Commander)

Colonial Defense Forces Hq- Fleet OPS

 BFC Fleet Admiral

 CDF Career: Going on 8 years March of 2014

Plank Owners

Aries Founding Crew Members- Original Crew Member of the Aries

Admiral Miguel Rivera- Current Aries Actual/ CDF Fleet Operations/BFC Secretary of Defense/Former Aries CAG and CDF Fleet CAG Commander Alex Trevino- 1st Aries Commander/ Former 6th Fleet Executive Officer-No longer with CDF

Plank Owners

Commander Cami Dulton- Former Aries CAG: Now Nerio ActualCommander "DragonLady"- : Current: Long time BFC Member & Current BFC  Vice President & Director of Communications/ Commanding  Officer of Battlestar Raven-BFC-002: Former Aries CEO/6th Fleet Executive Officer/6th Fleet Engr Officer

Plank Owners

Captain Stephanie Christie- Former Aries Comms-No longer with CDF

Major Jereomy Faber- Aries Navigator


Plank Owners

Commander Robert Ybarra-Current Aries XO- Former Aries OPS Officer   


battlestargallactica.jpg picture by DragonLady4732


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