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Aries- God of War




Fenris-Cygnus (Defender) Ship Spec


Scale: L: 695m W: 280m H: 93m
Tonnage: Variable
Speed: Variable

Power: Primary tylium energizers and advanced fusion reactors and generators. 2 reactors, 1 backup reactor, Auxillary Battery. Tylium fueled equipped and separate tanks for Solium fuel. FTL capable its jump range differs, but max is 80 before needing to refuel.

Crew Compliment:

Standard Crew: 800
Fleet Officer: 64
Marine Officer: 24
Fleet Enlisted: 600
Marine Enlisted: 112


-KEW: Turrets 6 Dorsal center-line, 4 Forward ventral, 4 Port flight pod and 4 Starboard flight pod.
-Rail Guns: 20 total (10 on the port and starboard side) Multi-purpose.
-Flak Cannons: 5 Port and 5 Starboard.
-Missiles: 12 Dorsal hatches, 6 Tubes each (Nuclear Warheads).
-Conventional Missiles: Ship to Ship. Housed in the mid-section of the ship where
-4 Large Cannons on the bow of the ship.

Passenger Capacity: 50

Cargo Capacity: 65000m

Shipboard Consumables: 12 to 24, 36 months fuel, food, ammo, air depending on mission criteria.

Maneuvering engine types: FTL Equipped, 4 sub-light engines, 32 RCS units

Hull Design Type: Cygnus Class

Small Ship Compliment:
-24 Raptors
-6 Shuttles

       The hangar bay can house a few extras ship as backs or storage for visiting ships on long distance missions. Also has 12 maintenance bay for repairs to small ships only.

Damage Control System:
Automated firefighting capability, managed by the Boroton Mist / Foam / Liquid control center. DCS has three stations the main is located in engineering, Secondary located in CIC and Auxiliary is forward of the landing control station. All ships in the Fleet have Damage Control Teams (DCT). These teams are part of the engineering department and are charged with the safety of the ship and are tasked with fire and rescue.


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