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Engineering Rules and Regulations




Here are my Rules and Regulations for Engineering that everyone will follow and adhere to.  They are very simple.  The one rule that supercedes all the Rules and Regulations outlined below is:




The Primary Objective of Engineering Leadership -- Mission Accomplishment especially in time of war. One's  safety comes first before you can help others.

a) Military discipline: A moral, mental, and physical state in which all hands respond to orders or to the will of the commander or leader, whether or not he or she is present.

(1) Self-discipline is the basis of discipline in accomplishing the goals and training set forward.

(2) Effective discipline is the sense of accomplishment of a goal.

(3) Sound discipline is a matter of consistency and firmness.

b) Efficient performance in battle: The ultimate objective of military discipline: Overcome fear, get to safety, and replace it with action in order to stay alive.

c) Standards of good discipline: Deportment attention to duty, example, and decent behavior, which enable men and women to accomplish their task while giving their best effort.

d) The results of a well-disciplined unit are clearly observable:

Rules and Regulations:

(1) All assigned missions are accomplished especially the main objective of the Engineering Department: Keeping the ship operational at more than 100% percent capacity at all times in time of war or peace.

(2) All Engineering personnel are confident and are to maintain a sharp appearance at all times. Job knowledge should be exceptional and all personnel should be prepared for any emergency that may arise.

(3) Engineering personnel are proud of their unit. They believe they are the best.

(4) Equipment is to be well maintained and properly cared for.

(5) Engineering personnel regardless of rank or position should be actively engaged in doing their duties with an emphasis on superior service and job skills.

(6) All Engineering personnel will cooperate and willingly help one another especially in time of emergencies.

(7) Training is well planned, well conducted, consistent, and thoroughly evaluated for individual and unit strengths and weaknesses. Feedback for the individual and the group is immediately provided.

(8) In hostile situations, the unit will only find success through teamwork.

(9) All Engineering personnel will do their best to prevent violations of the Rules and Regulations set forth.

(10).Any and all violations of the Rules and Regulations must be reported the Chief Engineering Officer immediately.

(11) The Rules and Regulations of the Chief Engineering Officer are provided for the health and safety of ALL personnel. They are not flexible, NOR AM I.

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