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Aries- God of War




"It 's very hot and sweaty down here but someone has to do it. 

I've got elbow grease, but where the frak is my wrench?! "

I run a very tight and efficient Engineering section. If it's broken, my crew will fix it. If you break it, you better have a good reason as to why. And yes, the Aries Engineering crew makes the best damn hooch in the CDF.

The principal role of the Engineering Department is the operation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment throughout the ship. This equipment includes 8 Yoyodine Industries propulsion Tylium powered Engines that helps keep the Aries afloat in her journey through space, and four LB320 Daystrom Energizers to provide electrical powered for the entire ship. They recycle and recalculate air, provide air conditioning and heating, refrigeration, and fresh water for all hands and coolant for combat systems. They are responsible for maintenance and repair of mess deck, galley, and laundry equipment. They are the ship?s Damage Control experts, training the entire crew to fight fires and contain decompressions. The Engineering staff is always ready to battle any casualty. Whether in port or underway, engineers are always on watch, operating engineering systems safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Click on the fire breathing dragon  to enter Aries Engineering if you dare!!


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