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Aries- God of War





The Colonial Fleet relied initially on primitive, hard-wired avionics in its early fighters, but later reverted to more "fly-by-wire" technologies, one of which sealed the doom of billions of citizens


The avionics found on modern Vipers and Raptors are complex systems that combine fly-by-wire technology with computer systems.

In the case of Raptors, datacord is used for networking subsystems. This wiring makes Raptors more radiation-hardened and thus useful in high-radiation conditions.


A view of the manual "8-ball" landing software on a Viper Mark II




 A view of a Mk. II secondary display below the primary display, currently using DRADIS.

The older and generally-obsolete Viper Mark II fighters have a more primitive avionics package, but unlike CNP-equipped Viper Mark VIIs and Raptors, these old-style Viper systems (a design similar to that used in the Cylon War) appear to combine hydraulics with a basic computer and DRADIS subsystem that is effectively immune from Cylon electronic counterattack.


Both Vipers are equipped with a multi-functional display that can can be set to various modes, such as DRADIS, navigation, engines, system status and weapons. Viper Mk. II cockpit avionics, resistant to Cylon infiltration. 



The flight systems of these systems also likely include these components, which vary in availability or degrees of complexity depending on the craft's age or purpose:


  • A non-directional medium-range wireless communications for ship-to-ship and ship-to-planet contact

  • DRADIS hardware for enemy targeting, squadron formation flight maneuvers, etc.

  • A Colonial transponder for IFF "friend or foe" identification
  • Stellar positioning system for proper sublight or FTL navigation
    • Larger craft such as Raptors can manage FTL jumps and so come equipped with more advanced avionics to handle jump computations
  • Instrument Landing Systems (ILS), an automatic ("hands-off") landing system guidance package
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