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Aries- God of War

Our Home Planet


The planet of Aerelon is unique amongst the Colonies in having not just one, but three moons, with their mass sufficiently large enough to exert considerable tidal forces on the surface of Aerelon. Even tectonic activity has been modified by the presence of the three moons moon, making Aerelon the most volcanically active Colony. Aerelon society is similar to Picon cultural in that they are also a militaristic society, though the Aerelon of today is no more likely to start a fight than a Picon would. Aerelon society places great emphasis on physical prowess and skill, almost to the detriment of all other factors, including intellectual and cultural pursuits. As a direct consequence of this, Aerelon culture is considered almost barbaric by the other societies and the Aerelon sense of humor is not sophisticated, and has a distinct bawdy to it. Aerelons are undoubtedly the best ground troops, which are why Aerelons have the highest membership of the Colonial Marine. In fact, Aerelon is host to the Marine Headquarters. The Aerelons are also a very athletic people, producing a good number of Golden Laureates at the Colonial Games. The Aerelon combat tactics, strategies and doctrines are unsurpassed by all other colonies and excel at combat. In general, Aerelons are rowdy, jovial and boisterous. They are rarely ever serious, except for physical competitions, matters of pride, and military issues where they display an amazing and surprising amount of determination and drive that is not visible in their normal behavior. They also tend to be courageous, and when the situation demands it, they can be tough as nails.

Other Facts:

Aerelon was primarily an agricultural world. It was considered to be the "food basket" of the Twelve Colonies.  Despite this, Aerelon was considered to be one of the poorest Colonies.   Fifteen people died when President Richard Adar for reasons unexplained,  sent the Marines to Aerelon.

The mining colony of Troy, which was destroyed in a cataclysmic explosion located near Aerelon, may have been operated by natives of that world. Troy was the alleged home of Sharon Valerii.

While imprisoned on Galactica, Gaius Baltar talks extensively about Aerelon, confirming that it, not Caprica, was his birth world. He imitates the speech mannerisms of a stereotypical native, a farmer who likes to work with his hands, and "go down the pub for a pint" and have a fight at the end of the night. In doing this Baltar puts on a strong raspy "Aerelon" accent .

The professional Pyramid team from Aerelon played against the Caprica Buccaneers in one of the last games before the Cylon attack. They apparently won (Resistance). 

A photo of a grief-stricken soldier staring out at the ruins of Aerelon's capital hangs behind President Roslin's desk and on the bulkhead of a pilot ready room on Galactica. The pilots touch the photo for luck and in a sign of respect as they leave the room. This photo of Aerelon gives viewers one of the few visual depictions of life on a colony other than Caprica.


Saul Tigh

Sekou Hamilton (Presumed - editor of the Aerelon Gazette)

Socinus (Presumed - has an tattoo of the zodiac sign of Aries on his arm)

Gaius Baltar, who left for the more sophisticated Caprica after his 18th birthday, turning his back on his family and heritage.

 Alexander Amiet, Aerelon's representative to the Quorum of Twelve (Colonial Day

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