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Aries- God of War

Current and Former Commanding  Officer(s) 

Commander Alex Trevino Jr.-(No longer with CDF)

Admiral Miguel Rivera-Current

Enlist Date:  3-30-2006

Current Assignment:  Battlestar Aries- BSR 26

Current Location:  Pensacola, Florida

Vessel Class:  Mercury

Aries Crew

Aries Command Staff
 Commander  Robert Ybarra
  Aries Executive Officer
 Major Jereomy Faber
  Aries Navigator
 Captain John -Paul Gonzales
  Aries Chief Medical Officer
Commander Cherry "DragonLady"
  Engineering Officer (Permanent Honorary Member)
Fleet Officers
  Lieutenant Carter Hayes
  Crew Member
  Lieutenant Nikolas Manak
  Crew Member
  Lieutenant Michelle Vargas
  Crew Member
 Admiral Alisson Merritt 
 Crew Member
Marine Enlisted
Command Seargent Major Jesse Gutierrez
  Marine NCOIC
Fleet Enlisted
Marine Officer
Other Military Personnel
 Commander Cherry "DragonLady
Commanding Officer -Battlestar Raven-BFC 002 /BFC Vice President/Director or Communications/ Webmaster (Permanent Honorary Member on the Aries
Civilian Personnel
 Jefffer Lapan
 Honorary Member
 Scott Emminger
 Honorary Member
 Adrian Garza
 Honorary Member
 Anthony Estrada
 Honorary Member
 Erica Lopez
 Honorary Member
 Burke Cunningham
 Honorary Member


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