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Message to Fellow Chapter Leaders

Posted by Battlestar Aries-BSR 26 on November 22, 2011 at 1:20 AM

Fellow Chapter Leaders,


As you know the Colonial Defense Forces continues to flow in a positive direction. Even though we have our hiccups here and there from time to time you have held your ship course to be true. Even your own chapter members whom I have interviewed randomly attest to the same fact. Good on you all for doing such a splendid job my compliments.


I am here today to address a few items which have come to my attention and things I have seen in the past years. As you know we have Chapter Leaders who have been doing awesome job, but there are those also who have either swayed off the beaten path or simply have not carried out their duties. As the years of flown by peoples personality and out look tend to change that is of course a normal process. Eventually though through focus and responsibilities. As such they can not be discarded or let fall to the way side. My expectations of you all as fellow Chapter Leaders is that you step up and lead your people as well as assume your responsibilities and duties. My expectations for you all are high I will not kid you. I say high knowing full well that you ladies and gentlemen are capable of achieving any goal. We depend on one another and we support each others through a united effort. I know as Colonial Warriors of the Fleet I can depend on you completely. For years we have worked together and have come far together.


Remember the ultimate goal as a CO (Chapter Leader) is to protect your ship and be accountable to your shipmates whom you have recruited and look to you for guidance as well as events to keep them interest in BSG and the chapter they helped create. They are just as responsible to help the chapter grow every ship in the Fleet has their own personality as such makes them unique. Keep this focal point b/c the future and peoples mind are basically subject to change. As time goes by people tend to develop other interest which is cool and should be encouraged. With that being said if you are not keeping your people involved in the development of their off duty activities and those of the chapter then you are wrong. A primary function of leadership is to be involved in the peoples live you represent and assist. Everyone is responsible to each other in one way or another so think about it. Some things are worth pursuing whiles other are just not going to be productive. Help your people so they can be more not just in fandom, but in their personal lives if you can and are willing to step up.


Roster for Chapter Leaders i will be posting simple guidelines about it in order to clear a few things and allow us to ease up on sending out emails. I know many are not fans of having their email boxes blow up with hundreds of emails. This can be a turn off and discourage people from participating so i develop a simple plan to cut back alot. If your morale is good and solid then i am sure your attitude towards work and fandom will be just as positive. If you have any questions about the roster shoot me an email and i will respond and if needed i will post the question to the guideline thread b/c you never know if someone has the same question. Kill two birds with one stone is better then going over and over it again.


Membership i want to hit on this a little b/c all to often the word is not getting out to the members who serve on the chapters. Renewing their memberships is the members responsibility and no one else. We need to start holding them accountable remember you are their Commanding Officer and it will fall on you to remind them and follow up with them. This is another reason why you all have roster please use them for what they are intended for its a tool. I feel everyone has done an outstanding job and need to be proud, but don't let it go to your head. We need to keep a careful eye on manning which leads me to my next subject.


Manning is a major priority not just for the Chapter Leader, but the Executive Officer as well as the Operations Officer. If your manning levels fall below the minimum requirement to keep your chapters going then risk losing your chapter. It’s a simple rules of supply and demand. You need to people to have a chapter and a chapter needs X amount of bodies assigned to it in order to be recognize as a chapter. My goal is not to punish or upset anyone. Its basic reasoning 101 I need 7 bodies to keep my Battlestar going as an example.. If two members leave I now have 4 which if I want to keep my chapter hull classification as a Battlestar I better start recruiting folks. I want you folks to keep a steady pulse and track your folk’s expiration so you can remind them to renew in order to keep your chapters patrolling space instead of dry dock pending your ships disposition.


There will be a few more announcements coming to the CDF Community. I wanted to a get a big jump so I address the Leadership Standards I want to see from you the chapter leader and for that matter your ships senior staff. My next two announcements will be on Guidelines for Rosters, Awards, Colonial Service Records, Gunstar ship update. Thank you all for your patience I am not dead to vanished instead I am back with more for all of you and bring us to the next level b/c that is where you all deserve to be. Also as a project designed for all coming soon. Be ready for it b/c I want to see MAX participation from the CO all the way down to the deck crew person. In closing Colonials the STANDARD starts here and I will hold you to it b/c I know you are capable of it.


Thank you for your attention and continued support in reading this message. Either lead or get out of the way. This is my expectation to you all as Chapter Leaders I NEED YOU TO RISE AND ACT…LEAD YOUR PEOPLE….. And they will follow you. If not then in time they will leave you…. Good luck to you all I will keep a steady email look out. SO SAY WE ALL….~Salutes~



ADM Miguel A. Rivera (CF) 

Fleet Operations, CDF 

Commanding Officer-Battlestar Aries BSR-26 

Squadron Leader, 66th Fighter Squadron 

MK VII Viper 06016TX "ION"

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