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Posted by Battlestar Aries-BSR 26 on August 14, 2009 at 8:52 PM Comments comments (0)

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Battlestar Aries Promotions 14 Aug 09



Fm: VADM Rivera, Commanding Officer Battlestar Aries

To: Valiant Crew of the Aries & Fenris

Via: 7th Fleet Commanding Officer



1. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Battlestar Aries and Fellow Colonial Warships operating here in the 7th Fleet. I am always honored to recognize our hard charging people who day in and day out do their best to make a difference. I myself find it a humbling experience b/c it always feels like the first time for me. Onboard the Battlestar Aries we have such members i would like to recognize at this time for their loyalty and dedications to the Aries.


2. The brave young men and women have gone through alot over the years juggling Sci Fi fandom and real life in order to take care their families as well as close friends. Again i am reminded how television shows can actually reflect what happens in the real world.


3. I have been very fortunate to be blessed with knowing such dedicated people whom i have met in person at CONS as well as just simple dinner or hanging out. The high caliber of these people does not surprise me. The same goes to the men and women who have served onboard the Aries but are not with us anymore. Such quality is unmatched and though they are not onboard the Aries i still maintain contact with them. Through it all friendships are everlasting no matter how many fall outs people go through. In the end all you have is one another.


4. Without any further ado it is with great honor the following Colonials are promoted to the next rank. ~Atten HUT!~ Attention to ceremony. ~Looks at the certificate as he reads~


By the power vested in me by the Colonial Fleet and Commanding Officer. The following individuals are hereby promoted on 14th Day of August on the years of our lord 2009. To the next highest rank in order to further expand their knowledge, dreams, aspirations as they lead new Colonial Candidates to become the future leaders of tomorrow in the Fleet.




Maj Robert Ybarra to Colonel Ybarra

Capt Jereomy Faber to Major Faber

LT John Paul Gonzales to Captain Gonzales

LTjg Carter Hayes to Lieutenant Hayes

LTjg Nikolas Manak to Lieutenant Manak

LTjg Michele Vargas to Lieutenant Vargas

MSGT Jesse Gutierrez to Command Master Sergeant


Chief Petty Officer Shianne Radle to Senior Chief Petty Officer




"To John and Shianne Radle i thank you for going for to Conventions and having the courage to extend Honorary Memberships to Battlestar Galactica celebrities. Though Mr Edward James Olmos was inducted sometime ago into the Aries. It is great to see him inducted into the Gunstar Fenris where undoubtedly he will be honored as all of them are. Thank you for extending the hand of friendship and Honorary membership to all of them."

CDR John Radle

Chief Engineer Shianne Radle


All of the above mention will be updated on databases as well as Aries website located here for anyone wishing to visit www.battlestararies-bsr26.net




VADM Miguel A. Rivera (CF)

Colonial Defense Forces, C.A.G.

Commanding Officer, Aries BSR-26

Squadron Leader, 66th Fighter Squadron

MK VII Viper 06016TX "ION"

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